Discover Hypnobirthing

When people hear of hypnobirthing many think ‘hippy’ and ‘out there’, or that “it won’t work for me because it’s just not my thang”. But if you’re worried, anxious or nervous about birth, it can absolutely be the thing to help you. There’s nothing magic or weird about it. It’s a science based education and tools that will not only benefit your labour, but will help to reduce stress and anxiety in pregnancy, work, motherhood and life.

I’m a very honest, caring and crazily passionate hypnobirthing and mindfulness teacher – because this stuff works and because feeling worried, afraid and not capable is not a nice place to be. I don’t want you to be there. I want you to feel supported, equipped and like ‘I can do this’ - THIS feels amazing. Trust me.

“Had our last session with Beth last night - feel sad not to be going for any more one to ones with her in her Zen Den, but feel so supported by her, armed with our 'toolkit' and so excited about the birth of our baby girl” (Imogen)

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